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About The Reeds

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Who and Why

Who are The Reeds?

The Reeds are a nomadic couple on an indefinite global journey. Danyale is from Dayton, Ohio and Brandon is from Mobile, Alabama. The two met in Atlanta, Georgia (read “How They Met”) and began traveling frequently shortly after their nuptials. However, it was not until the summer of 2014 that they decided to become full time nomads.

destination wedding love travel long term black african american nomads world see reedsontheroad reeds on the road
The second wedding held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Brandon (a.k.a. Beat Freaka) is a music producer and constantly composes during travel. Specializing in instrumentals, or beats, he leases out and sells his work to other musical artists and productions. He also does graphic design, specifically for music projects and websites, and is the official photographer for the couple’s blogs. Once signed to a record label as a rapper, he quickly abandoned the lifestyle for a more free and independent way of living. You can check out his work by visiting BeatFreaka.com.

Danyale is the writer of the two. She is responsible for the written content you’ll read here on ROTR.com and also on BeatFreaka.com. She also represents the couple in business dealings and administration. With a mix of some formal and other self-taught expertises, Danyale is an intermediate web designer, investor, and general “jack-of-all-trades.” The beginning of their highly mobile lifestyle launched the official start of her freelance writing career. To view Danyale’s portfolio, visit DanyaleReed.com.

Together, they are The Reeds on the Road. Unique in that they are among a minority of constant world travelers and the even smaller group of African-American nomads, they venture to every corner of Earth they can reach in order to represent their culture; both their Black heritage and American upbringing. The two also feel a great deal of social responsibility to share their evident happiness with those they come across. They feel to be missed is to be loved.

Why did The Reeds decide to travel long term?

Traveling long term was the biggest decision the couple ever made but it came gradually. Danyale had not even ever seen an ocean until a year after meeting Brandon! At first, they realized that vacationing was a different kind of thrill to their lives. Myrtle Beach was the first out-of-town trip they took together. Although not super luxurious, the trip was refreshing and freeing. They decided that they would manage their funds to be able to go on at least one vacation every 3 months. Once every season turned into once every other month, which turned into a week out of each month.

In June of 2014, Danyale was absorbed in a book, “Love, In English” by Karina Halle. Always the avid reader and hopeless romantic, Danyale had already been captivated in several other stories she’d read previously, including her favorite “Midnight” series by Sistah Souljah. These books detailed the adventures of the main characters who abruptly ventured out on world journeys that transformed their lives for good. Both Brandon and Danyale had seen a bit of the world together, but they were late bloomers, starting to travel for leisure at 23 (Danyale) and 31 (Brandon). Coming from the urban jungles of America and families with very little to no extra money for travel, they only recently had even gotten a taste of what life on the road may feel like. Despite this, that June after completing “Love, In English,” Danyale propositioned Brandon.

“Babe, what do you think about staying in Europe for a longer period of time. Like 3 months?” The duo had already planned to spend two weeks visiting Europe that fall, their furthest excursion to date.

“Okay,” Brandon replied simply. Danyale was usually the one to come up with some crazy plan, but nothing was ever real until Brandon agreed. And he always agreed.

A few weeks into planning their now 3 month trip, Danyale came back to Brandon with another proposed extension. As expected, Brandon was all in. They decided to leave right after their September 18th two-year wedding anniversary, only three months from then, and travel around the world to their hearts’ content and indefinitely.

They immediately began hosting travelers via Couchsurfing.com, a community they’d use as well once on the road, that summer to learn what drove their guests’ expeditions and inspired them. Not only did they gain valuable knowledge for their upcoming trip, but they added to the reasons they wanted this new, free life and the list of friends they would now visit in their native countries.

wedding atlanta marietta square love black reedsontheroad reeds on the road love travel long term how to black african american
A snapshot of The Reeds during their first dance as husband and wife at their first wedding in Atlanta, GA.

The transition from having stable jobs (they both worked at the same fast paced semi-fine dining establishment as servers 2-3 days a week bringing in over $1200 and investing it each week), a 1200 square-foot two bed, two bath apartment where they regularly hosted largely attended events to living from two suitcases and not having their own address was almost too seamless. They sold what they could from their apartment, giving the rest away to charity. After selling their two cars, they took all the money they had in the world and came up with a financial plan to be able to sustain long term travel until they could figure out other sources of income.

Stopping in Hawaii for 10 months in 2015, they picked up another serving gig that funded the “Wedding on the Road” that took place 3 years after their original wedding, and gave them enough time to learn the basics of running virtual businesses. Then they set off again. Now their mission was more clear than ever.

Why do they decide to travel as nomads long term? Because they have to. Even in the visits home to see friends and family, they are stricken with travel-sickness, the opposite of being homesick. In their journeys so far they have inspired and been inspired. They have taught and learned. They have won and lost. They have contributed to communities and been gifted from the same entities. They have lived.

Now travel is the only way they can truly live freely. The pull to continue to see the world and meet/learn from/give to those in it is as strong a call as our natural human instincts will allow. As long as they feel the pull, they won’t stop sharing their smiles and love with all those they meet.

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