Our story begins and starts at the CCF in Alpharetta. Tyler started back in 2011 and 2015 for Chelsea. “Co workers and being in different relationships” ended and our life intertwined at a perfect time. Started 2016 newly single, etc.

The story begins a few years ago where our two paths finally crossed, in the summer of 2015. Starting her new job at the Cheesecake Factory where Tyler had already been working for 4 years prior. As just co-workers who spoke only during work, they each had two separate lives that never coincided. Both being in long term relationships, and both of them ending around the end of that year.

Starting the new year in new places of their lives, Tyler reached out as a friend which lead to a quick and strong bond. Through a lot of time to get to know each other, they found out their paths were so close for so many years which made Tyler’s next choice so easy. Chelsea was having a girls trip in Miami through the week of July 4th. So he called his best friend Jason, coordinated with her girlfriends, and made a spur of the moment trip.

After work on a late Sunday night, they packed up and drove 8 and a half hours to their hotel in Miami. As Chelsea and the girls woke up and got ready for the day with a nice cup of Miami espresso, little did she know Tyler was texting her best friend who she was with, and coordinating what coffee spot and where. As they sat down to get comfortable and order, the time had finally come for the big surprise…

Tyler walked a block down and around to make sure he would be able to walk up from behind, he wrapped a wide hug and a big bouquet of flowers around her. She turned so quickly, knowing he was supposed to be in Georgia watching her dog, wondering… who is this?! There he stood, with the BIGGEST grin on his face. Every second he drove was all worth it when she turned and looked at him. That moment he will remember forever!

Later that day, they walked back to her hotel only to find out that the hotel Jason and Tyler booked was right next to hers, in-coincidentally. Fate was working its magic. Everyone packed up and headed to the main attraction of Miami… South Beach!

As everyone made camp and began to relax, Tyler really only had one thing on his mind, the main reason he and Jason made such a long trip for only two and a half days… to show her how much she meant to him. He took her in the ocean to cool off from the wicked hot Miami sun and finally to get a second alone.

As they rocked back and fourth, he pulled her in tight and looked right in her eyes… this was all for her. To show her that through it all, she was the only thing that mattered to him. Not just now, but he knew forever. “Will you be my girlfriend?” As the waves hit on their sides and the sun was beating down, she said yes. Cliché? Probably.. but actions speak loud and he wanted her to hear!

Three years later and here we are about to walk down the aisle to become man and wife. However, instead of a traditional wedding our path has taken us down another road. An elopement is what truly speaks to the both of us in such an intimate way. The way our relationship started and the what we feel it deserves now, to show and express our love, just the two of us. This was an INCREDIBLY hard decision and a lot of different things lead us here. We can’t thank our family and friends enough for your understanding and support. We can’t WAIT to share our experiences with you once we’re home.

We love you all!

The Reeds