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Torrey Beasley; Fearless Adventuress

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The Basics

1. Name: Torrey Beasley
2. Age: 28
3. Hometown: Toledo, Ohio
4. Favorite city traveled to: It's a tie between Paris and Havana.
5. Most anticipated city to visit: Giza, Egypt
6. Spoken languages: English (fluent) and Spanish (semi-fluent).

Random Fun Facts

When did you decide to start leading a travel based lifestyle and what led you to that decision?

December 2014 I was sitting at my desk at the corporate accounting job I loathed and simply decided, in that moment, I’m going to Paris! So right there, I searched a few travel sites and booked my solo trip. It was such an exhilarating feeling. Just a couple weeks after I booked the trip, I quit my job. I didn’t have much of a backup plan. I was substitute teaching so it gave me a relatively open schedule which meant more time for traveling. Not only was this a turning point in my career, it was also my first international trip. I took the plunge and just went for it. Since then, I vowed to myself that I would never wait on anyone’s permission to live my life the way I see fit. Travel became a major part of my lifestyle.

Finish this sentence with your own ending; “When in Rome…”

As the saying goes, whether or not you’re a traveler, an explorer, site-seer, whatever, at least take the time to learn the culture of the natives and take a walk in their shoes for a while. Get the true essence of what it means to be a native.

What is the strangest food you’ve tried to date?

I have to be honest; I’m not adventurous when it comes to food. However, I’m doing better expanding my palate and trying new foods. I’d have to say the most strange thing I’ve eaten to date is durian fruit in Malaysia. It’s quite interesting looking and the taste, even more distinguished. It’s quite popular [locally], though I thought it tasted like raw onions. Not very good. But hey, I tried it!

What is the one thing you do no matter what city you travel to?

Take public transportation whenever available. I’m the traveler that wants to live how locals do. So I take the trains/buses with them, eat where they eat, hangout where they go, in addition to visiting all the tourist areas.

What item would you freak out the most about if you lost while traveling?

My phone! I usually buy SIM cards in the countries I visit so I’m able to have use of my phone without wi-fi capabilities. Boy if I lost my phone on a trip, I’d lose my mind right after! Anything else, I could easily recover.

torrey tl beasly solo traveler feature toledo ohio how to travel black african american tinder
torrey tl beasley travel solo traveler dubai feature traveler interview survey how to

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More on Torrey

What kind of traveler are you; the “off-the-beaten-path”, the “let-the-city-find-me”, the “every-single-place-has-been-planned”, or the “point-me-to-the-locals” type?

So I hit on this a bit in an early answer, I’m probably a hybrid of “point me to the locals” and “off the beaten path.” Of course when you’re in Paris you visit the Eiffel Tower, and in Rome, you go to the Colosseum. But cities have so much more to offer than their tourist attractions. I use tinder to meet [local] people all over the world. It’s nice to hang out with someone, maybe go on a date, and learn more about the area, the dating culture, black culture in the city, and get a free tour guide. 🙂

What do you usually do for entertainment during long travels in between cities?

Sleep! I never stay awake on planes or trains! Besides that, most airlines I’ve flown have in-flight entertainment, like movies and T.V. shows. I also have my iPad with a bunch of T.V. shows and of course music. If I stay awake long enough I may read a little (I could stand to read more). On the way back I usually use the ‘notes’ app on my phone to jot down random thoughts about my trip, reflect on what I did and how I felt.

Is there a character (literary, cartoon, tv-show, etc.) that ever inspired you to visit a particular place?

I chose Paris as my first international destination because of the many black Renaissance men and women who flocked to there to find solace in a more welcoming environment. Of course there’s issues with equality all over the world, but Paris seemed to be a place where artists, thinkers, and the like were free to be themselves. In fact, there’s a tour in Paris that highlights a plethora prominent locations special to the black community (www.blackparistour.com).

What was the scariest moment so far in your adventures?

I’ve had a couple! I sometimes live dangerously. One is from my first trip to Paris. I went out to a club, had a great time, heard great music, it was a good introduction to Parisian nightlife. Unbeknownst to me, however, the trains stopped running, I couldn’t find the cab stand (in some areas you aren’t to flag down a cab, you much go to the cab stand and queue), so I was essentially stranded at 2am! Luckily, I checked Google maps and was about 30 minutes from the apartment I was staying. I proceeded to walk, looking extra lost, when a car stopped and asked if I needed help (in French). My French is terrible and his English was equally bad, so we struggled to communicate. Long to the short of it, he’d offered me a ride. On one hand I’m thinking “Oh, hell no! I don’t know you.” On the other I’m thinking, “It’s late, raining, and I really don’t wanna walk a mile and a half to the house.” Against my better judgment, I let him give me a ride. I made it safely, of course since I’m here now to tell the story. Paris is pretty safe, I most definitely wouldn’t do that in NYC or LA, but Paris, I figured my chances of getting kidnapped weren’t that great 🙂

What is your advice to others who wish to live a travel-filled lifestyle?

Do it! The longer you waste time thinking about everything that you need to do first, you’ll lose site of the goal of a travel-filled life! While it’s important to have a plan, don’t concentrate so much on having the perfect plan that you never have an opportunity to execute it. This is your life. Live it exactly the way you want.

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